Dear Christians who have their panties in a wad about the Duck Dynasty controversy…

Dear Christians who have their panties in a wad about the Duck Dynasty controversy:
Feel free to take offense and comfort yourself in the fact that I too am a horrible person that does very little to change the world around me, but…
Listen, if your interpretation of scripture leads you to believe that homosexuality/gay marriage is sinful, fine. You’re free to think for yourself. But stop acting like you’re doing the world a favor as you parade Jesus around as some sort of mascot for your opinions. Get rid of your self-righteous attitude that Jesus is going to give you a pat on the back for all those facebook rants exalting Phil Robertson as some sort of martyr (if you’re really that eager to join in on the martyrdom, buy yourself a one way ticket to a country like North Korea). Stop talking as if the dream society Jesus spoke of hinges on whether or not people are gay and get married. Because it doesn’t hinge on that. It hinges on the things Jesus made a point to talk about.
If you believe Jesus is God in human form then, I don’t know, actually read the accounts of Jesus’ life and words. It’s pretty hard to ignore what he’s about. He didn’t beat around the bush. There are things it’s very clear he cares about his followers being about:
-LOVE. Love God. Love people as you love yourself. Jesus was all about forgiveness, mercy, understanding, and faithfulness. He seemed to think our lives should be about generosity, service, prayer, and faith. He wanted us to seek peace, JUSTICE, and HUMILITY.
Yes, Jesus was persecuted. But it was because he hung out with the “bad kids” of his day, because he actually talked to women and non-Jews–and did it with respect, treating them with dignity–which was not at all acceptable in his day, because he spoke on the importance of children despite the fact that children were not valued in his culture, because he didn’t go along with every burdensome rule the religious rulers of his day spat out. He went out of his way to build relationships with people everyone hated, to heal/touch the untouchably diseased, to show honor to the marginalized and oppressed.
On the other hand, you know what Jesus hated?
-INJUSTICE, economic and social. People who skated through life with no problems while ignoring the troubles of the helpless. Judgment. Hypocrisy. Self-righteousness. Pride. Greed.
So instead of boycotting A&E, why don’t you boycott companies/businesses who come up time and time again on humans rights watch lists? Why don’t you sell the things you don’t need and give to the poor like Jesus says? Why don’t you take the free time you have to argue on facebook about how unjustly Phil Robertson has been treated and use it to educate yourself on some real injustice and oppression happening in the world today? Like the 27 millions people in slavery today–most women and children in sex slavery (and yes, it happens in the U.S. too). Like, the cycle of poverty and the factors that play into it. Like racism. Or sexism. Like suicide. Like mental illness and its stigma. Like child abuse, orphans, and the tragic number of kids who die every day of starvation and preventable diseases. Like nursing home abuse. Like old people in your community who are just actually really super lonely. Like the fact you’re harboring resentment towards someone instead of confronting them and forgiving them, like Jesus tells you to.
And once you educate yourself, why don’t you use the energy you would have otherwise invested in being offended at how “un-Christian” the world is, to critically think about how you can personally contribute to the solution of one of these problems?
That’s how you can be about Jesus’ business. That’s how you can do the world a favor.

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