Don’t be lazy. Seek truth and teach your kids to do the same.

I think aside from giving out ridiculous amounts of love unconditionally, the greatest thing grown-ups can do for kids is teach them how to think critically and seek the truth in all things.
We spend so much time parroting what our parents or religious (or anti-religious) leaders or political party asserts without ever taking the time/effort to question or study the stuff for ourselves. Whether or not our beliefs/opinions are right, when we do that, we end up dragging a heavy burden of fear, judgment, and the need to control and alienate others around–creating a breeding ground for oppression.
The world doesn’t need that, doesn’t need close-minded, opinion shouters sharing one-sided articles on Facebook. It needs open-minded, problem-solvers willing to ask questions and take the time to actually look for the answers.
If we want the truth, we have to stop being so afraid!
I mean, it can be scary as all get out to entertain the idea that I was wrong about something–in fact, for me, it’s usually keep-me-up-at-night agonizing–but I’ve found that no matter what category a belief of mine is in (spiritual, political, social, etc.), asking questions and thinking critically with a determination to find the truth, has never been something I’ve regretted.
Sometimes I end up coming to the same conclusion on a given issue that I started with, sometimes the opposite, other times somewhere in between. But I always end up so much more peaceful and better able to understand people who haven’t reached the same conclusion. It’s always fruitful.
The thing is it takes work to actually seek the truth. It’s not for the lazy. But if we don’t, what’s the point of doing anything, what’s the point of believing anything, what’s the point of being alive?

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