i’ll stop trying to make you laugh

The car crashes under a beautiful sunset
Lightning flashes, I see your silhouette
Strong and handsome as ever, standing where it’s always been.

When I first laid eyes on you
I was charmed
But that didn’t last long
Even then, from the time I first saw you as you are
I wanted to believe you’d come around
I marvel at how a body so warm
Could host a heart so cold
Yet I’ve always thought someday my love would thaw it
So I ignored every time that I heard
“You could do so much better”

I can’t hold it together
With you
I’m either head over heels
Or I’m falling to pieces
Because when I’m seeing stars in your eyes
You’re busy looking in the mirror
(Only a man who sees no one else
Always does what he pleases)

I scream, Don’t bother coming home!
But I leave every door unlocked
And torture myself, waiting up to watch
The shutters rattle as the storm blows in
Every time you break my heart
It feels like the end
(It never is.)

I don’t know a poetic way to say that
All I ever really wanted was for you to want to be a part of my life.
But you’re came into by accident, and you don’t even care.

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