My disappointment with Christians in the midst of the Ferguson riots

Honestly I think one of the most frustrating things about all the recent explosions on social media in regards to Ferguson and related topics is that people who follow Jesus and share posts about him all the time and in the same day share snarky statuses and articles about Ferguson/race without giving it a second thought.
It really just breaks my heart because it’s so damaging and so out of line with the character of Jesus. He isn’t documented to have just hung out, talked about salvation, and then died on the cross. He and the God in the rest of the Bible had serious and significant feelings and things to say about the poor, marginilized, and oppressed. Automatically writing off those raising concerns about racial oppression/issues as whiny or dramatic or crazy, that’s not Jesus.
Followers of Jesus pursue peace and freedom for everyone and if there is even a possibility that there are people being victimized, marginalized or treated unfairly, it’s our job to hear them out, wholeheartedly investigate it, think critically about it, speak fairly and maturely about it regardless of where on the spectrum our opinions fall, and to pursue solutions and peace where we can.
That is faithfulness to God. That is growing up and being a good and responsible steward with what he has given us.

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