back to the path

Jesus said to love your neighbor as yourself and that’s not always going to be 100% comfortable, safe, easy, or risk-free. Actually, it rarely will be.
Maybe that’s why He said to count the cost before you decide to follow Him.
Sometimes I get kind of tired and bored in my faith, to be honest. But in the midst of all this fear and in the midst of this hate, war, xenophobia, racism, crisis I remember the narrow way of Love He talked about, and I am brought back to the gritty, dangerous, brave path He called us to. This way of Love, of putting your money where your mouth is, of laying down your life for others, of fierce, courageous, sacrificial compassion. And I’m drawn to it. I truly believe from the deepest part of my soul, it is the only way and that it’s going to be hard. It undoubtedly will cost me.
But what else can I do? Live in fear my whole life, insulating myself from any discomfort or danger? I think that is in direct opposition to His calling. And anyone who tries to convince me otherwise, I honestly think, from my understanding of Jesus thus far in life, is preaching a false gospel, no matter how well meaning they are.

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