a pep talk

I wrote this last night to myself when I had a visit from my good friend, Panic, about a new job I’m starting. I reworded where things got too specific but otherwise, here it is in its raw form. Hope if you needed it, you read-ed it.


It will take time to get the hang of things. You’ll need to get in there, observe and experience, before you can smooth it all out and make it what you want.


But as long as you put the work in to know what you need to know and are determined to grow, you will be fine.

Be confident this is where you’re supposed to be. Be confident in your work ethic, in your resilience, in your teachability. Be confident in your passion.

These are what you need and with them, the rest will eventually fall into place.

Fuck your inexperience. You’re not the first person in history to have it. And fuck your insecurity. You’ve always been more capable than you’ve given yourself room to be.

You’re going to be okay.

Even if it’s traumatizing at first, you’re going to be okay. You’re going to get better, hopefully good, maybe even great at it.

Don’t assume other people will see the worst in you. When you do that, you’re actually assuming the worst in them. And that’s an ugly thing to do.

Don’t rely on other people to validate you though. Don’t let your heart walk on eggshells, on the verge of collapse, just thinking about what bad opinions they might have about you.

Even if the negatives you’re bracing yourself for happen, you’ve survived worse things, darker days, more bitter heartbreak.

Give the people around you a chance to be supportive.

Learn to admit your weaknesses and fears without making youself small.

You’re not small.

You’re not!

You are fucking magnificent.

Remember the love over the years from the ones you cherish and it will give you strength.

You can do this you can do this you can do this.

It will be challenging, sure. But remember: things can be challenging without being consuming. Let yourself experience that.

Learn to let it be so by protecting your energy, your heart, and your mental space.

Lean into your support system and push yourself to let new people into it. Ask for help even if it makes your super uncomfortable. (Fuck being comfortable!)

Think of an obstacle as a puzzle. You love puzzles and you’re good at them, you nerd.

Yes, think of it all as a puzzle and you will be fine. You will maybe even excel, and you will most certainly survive.

Nothing is as worthy of being embarrassed by as you think.

Remember the ones who are with you and for you, and be with and for the new people you will meet.

Know yourself. Value yourself. Keep your expectations simple at first and let them grow at a natural pace.

It’s kind of scary, but you got this.


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