wicks and whispers

We laid down our answers

With a restlessness in our limbs

And a numbness in our hearts

Surreal encounters half-forgotten

Running our fingers over pretty scars

Memories of Love etched in the skin

Of our souls


We laid down our answers

The answers we had demanded in the past

Meticulously crafted and quickly bought–

Though reluctantly worn

By that deep, dark part of us

Nestled far behind the eager girl

Who just wanted to do justice, love mercy, walk humbly

That eager girl with worried eyes

Who wanted to see justice, feel mercy, walk freely


That deep, dark part, it whispered

Something’s wrong, see, something’s wrong

The line’s aren’t connecting any dots

(At the least the ones that don’t wash off)

But we needed hope and it resigned

Oh, take your semblance of peace if you must!


We laid down our answers

At an alter of sorts

Praying for atonement

Searching for a blessing

In shedding falsehoods

And letting them burn

We cheered in celebration

As the smoke went up

We reveled in freedom

As our guilt crept off

Under colorful lights and

Starry summer skies

We felt alive

But once we stumbled home

We felt alone


We shuffled up and down the halls

Muttering profanities and making vows

To search every nook and cranny

Until we were sure

There was nothing left to find

Or no more wick left to burn

Hoping we’d dose off before discovering

Which one of those would come first


And when night had fallen and the sun had risen

Several more times

When the leaves had changed and the ice had thawed

When the tears had dried

That deep, dark part of us

Nestled not so deep inside anymore

Germinated up from the black soil

And whispered slowly and warmly

Come on out, my friend, come on out


We stirred from our shelter in the shadows

And with a numbness in our limbs

And a restlessness in our hearts

We began to step into the sunshine

Smiles finally creeping up as well–


But it was just a dream.

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