moving on / update

I started this blog in college, six years ago, I believe.

It’s been a lot of things to me.

At first, it was a journal of sorts as I wandered through what seemed at the time would be a never ending season of anxiety and depression. I confessed to wanting to kill myself here. Back before I had shared this with anyone I knew. As I continued counseling and started medication (that I stayed on for about eight months), I documented my journey. And whenever I had breakthroughs or learned new strategies, I shared them here and began sharing this on my personal Facebook, which was weird but went pretty well. I’ve written a lot on meant health and even some cringey poetry and thoughts pieces (many of my posts I’ve made private because I don’t feel like having people read them anymore). This has been my place to process in many ways.

I’ve met some awesome friends Wordpess who I’ve now met in person (okay, via Skype), namely Alyssa Shaw of Missleadingly ADHD and Mel of Swimming with Goldfish. I’ve received messages from people I know in real life telling me they had needed to read what I had wrote or what I said helped them. Those messages meant the world to me. I’ve even had people tell me I should write a book, which isn’t me trying to brag but to create a segue to say: If you like my writing, I’m still writing just not here. At one point–rather at many different points–this blog was exactly what I’ve needed. But, at least for now, I’ve found a better fit.

I’ve been writing consistently on Instagram., if you’d like to join me over there. I’d love that. The visual element, sense of community, and word limit (haha) it provides is something I really like that this outlet doesn’t necessarily provide as well.

My username is @alissaswonkybrain.

Now, you may THINK you’re following me. But… I changed my old account titled @alissaswonkybrain to just my name and created a NEW account called @alissaswonkybrain. I know it’s a bit extra of me, but what’s done is done. šŸ™‚ I write about mental health and my good ole’ hyper sensitive, anxious, ADHD brain. My stories contain a dad joke here and there–I know some of y’all are into that. šŸ˜‰

To conclude, bye and thank you thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart for stopping in a time or two or following along on here. It really has meant so much to me. More than I can say!

Love you.


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  1. Yes, that’s a great idea! You should write a book!!! I agree about preferring to write on Instagram. Possibly for the sense of community you experience on there. I LOVED out virtual meetup! I am planning another one soon xxx

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