I’m Alissa. I’m 26 and passionate about being open, genuine, and creative when it comes to mental health issues, or as I like to call them wonky brain.

I was always a fearful child, but around junior high I started struggling with anxiety and depression in a substantial way, both further exasperated by undiagnosed ADHD. At the time, I didn’t have the words to describe nor the exposure to mental health education to help me understand what was going on inside. I saw my struggles as deep personal failures and I felt quite helpless and ashamed.

It wasn’t until college when I had access to a glorious thing called Wi-Fi that I began doing my own research on the matter. It was people online sharing their experiences with and strategies for overcoming similar obstacles who opened my eyes as to why my brain was acting the way it was and what I could do to live a better life. I am incredibly grateful.

Because of them, I felt empowered and brave enough to seek counseling. My counselor suggested I start writing, and so I created this blog in 2013. It was secret at first, just a processing outlet. But somewhere along the way I decided to go public with it and here we are. (Many of my older posts have been made private because they don’t truly reflect who I am or where this site is going anymore.)

In writing, I find it hard to be anything but authentic, and I wish to freely share the kind of honestly and tips that made such a big difference in my own life. I hope you’ll find a thing or two you’d like to try or, at the very least, feel a little less alone.



PS – When I’m not writing, I’m most likely at work teaching two year olds, at home hanging out with my husband Evan, or outside getting creative with flowers and/or photography.

Here’s how you can connect with me:

Alissa’s Wonky Brain Instagram –> blog post notifications + mental health quotes/thoughts + photography

ADHD Instagram –> tips and tricks I’m learning to manage my ADHD

Twitter –> new blog post notifications

You can also follow my blog via email down below! 🙂


  1. minor49er says:

    Check out “As a man thinketh” by James Allen if you want a good read for “truth” they also have an audio book of it on YouTube.

    1. minor49er says:

      Also actualized.org altho it is kinda abstract but interesting none the less

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