I wrote almost 2 months ago in a post called sad vaguely about entering "a season of existential/religious/spiritual searching," and that when I was ready to I would continue those thoughts. I'm kind of ready, but only ready enough to expand just a tiny bit further--but not much, so don't get your hopes up for… Continue reading tangled


I'm not sure I'm feeling a little sadness or am experiencing the first signs of a depressive wonky period of life (mostly my wonky brain is anxious or disorganized). I've had two major depression episodes in my life, one in high school and one in college, each starting about 4 years apart. I'm a year… Continue reading sad

joy and grief and also some rambling about adoption in the middle

I don't really feel like writing, but I decided to make myself because I think it's what I need. Today is the first day in a while I didn't wait until the last possible second to wake up. I've been really tired. I'd been letting myself just sleep, because sometimes your body is fighting off… Continue reading joy and grief and also some rambling about adoption in the middle

stream of consciousness: practices and generosity and being here

I didn't have an particularly strong hankering to write today, but in January I made the goal to write once a week and publish at least every other week. I've done a pretty good job so far of making time and sticking to it. I was afraid I would give up because I would start… Continue reading stream of consciousness: practices and generosity and being here

on greed and possessions

  According to WordPress, I created this blog 5 years ago today. Neat. This post is more religious than some of my other ones, so if that's not your thing, that's cool. But promised myself to always just to be as authentic and honest in my writing and this is what I've been thinking about:… Continue reading on greed and possessions

on happiness

My mom sent me a quote this morning as I sat in a coffee shop journaling. "Don't be pushed by your problems. Be led by your dreams." - Ralph Waldo Emerson It's not important I'm in a coffee shop (btw here's how I feel about coffee) but I only mention it so I can brag… Continue reading on happiness

stream of consciousness – gut feelings & joy

My husband, Evan, and I kind of take turns being the Chatty Chad/Cathy in our relationship. Evan can talk at length on one very focused subject. This is why, for example, despite having never even seen one second of it, I feel like I've watched the entire series Dexter. And why I've experienced an extremely detailed… Continue reading stream of consciousness – gut feelings & joy

february 3rd’s stream of consciousness

I used to think I’d never find my balance. My stomach felt like it was dropping all the time just a few years ago. I remember long walks on campus, honest to goodness feeling like nothing would ever make sense. A lot of things still don’t make sense or I haven’t made sense of them… Continue reading february 3rd’s stream of consciousness

stream of consciousness

[I sat down to write about comparison. Then, I opened a new tab to write about the things I've learn at my job (my two year anniversary there is today!). But, my soul was having none of it. Instead, this came out:] I'm scared if I don't write, don't get some of what's on my… Continue reading stream of consciousness