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moving on / update

I started this blog in college, six years ago, I believe. It’s been a lot of things to me. At first, it was a journal of sorts as I wandered through what seemed at the time would be a never ending season of anxiety and depression. I confessed to wanting to kill myself here. Back…

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young for the first time

Lately I’ve been feeling young again. Well, not again. For the first time, really. I started taking Zoloft, which is an SSRI, about a month and a half ago. I wish I would have started taking it a heck of a long time ago. Before I started taking it, I can’t even remember the last…

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anxiety medication

I was prescribed medicine for my anxiety today. Hopefully I don’t die. You would think after eight months of putting off my counselor’s advice to talk to a psychiatrist about medication and being terrified of the idea, I would feel a little more emotion now that I have the bottle of pills on my desk.…

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