Shout, shout at the Moon Shout all you want to She won't grace you with a whisper She doesn't wander, she isn't like you Though there are nights I look up at the sky And I witness a sort of reply In her ancient, glassy eyes They suggest a bigger, brighter, warmer light Well, that… Continue reading confession

getting there pt 2

Enough time has passed that anyone who had read part one of this had probably forgotten I wrote a part one to begin with. You can catch up here if you don’t mind typos I’m still too lazy to go back and change (honestly, if you do mind typos, this site is not the one… Continue reading getting there pt 2

bygones be bygones

When I was a girl You sat high on my shelf You were pretty, weren't you? Though I was too small to take you down But I told all my friends about how Shiny you were. But when I got older And tall enough to reach you You went missing So I grew colder. But… Continue reading bygones be bygones

avalanche in my soul

Last night before I fell asleep, I dreamed of brightly painted toenails Barefoot in green, summer grass; A spark in my eye and dirt on my hands. I felt fresh air in my lungs, My own words on my tongue. I dreamed of running til my scrawny legs collapsed Cause every field was complete without… Continue reading avalanche in my soul

Don’t be lazy. Seek truth and teach your kids to do the same.

I think aside from giving out ridiculous amounts of love unconditionally, the greatest thing grown-ups can do for kids is teach them how to think critically and seek the truth in all things. We spend so much time parroting what our parents or religious (or anti-religious) leaders or political party asserts without ever taking the… Continue reading Don’t be lazy. Seek truth and teach your kids to do the same.

the great paradox of my depression

The great paradox of my depression is that, while it takes me to some of the darkest places and deepest pain I have experienced, it also brings me some of the greatest joy and the most intense moments of clarity concerning God that I have ever known. The other day was rough. I wanted to… Continue reading the great paradox of my depression