stepping stones [poem]

“These stepping stonesLead where to go”–To a paradise, I was told May you be the cool grassUnderneath my bare feetWon’t you hold my broken heartWhile you shield me from the heat? Yes, may you be the cool grass,May you be my streets of goldMay you be the still, small voiceYou’ve already brought me home AfterContinue reading “stepping stones [poem]”

So you’re in deep

(that’s what she said) Immature jokes aside, I’m talking about being deep in a dark, wonky brain hole. Maybe you can’t even see the light when you look up. Maybe it’s too cold to feel anything and you have no energy left to move. Or maybe it’s so burning hot you can’t think straight becauseContinue reading “So you’re in deep”

stream of consciousness

I’m scared if I don’t write, don’t get some of what’s on my mind out, I’ll have another panic attack in the middle of the night and not be able to sleep. I think I’m tired from the day, think I’ve taken in too much information and my brain doesn’t have the capacity to sortContinue reading “stream of consciousness”