would you

I've never known A faith without holes At least ones I can't account for Honestly or easily I used to be scared to admit it Afraid it'd mean I'd have to quit it But the truth is I've also never known I've never known A love that could compete with yours Never felt a freedom… Continue reading would you

tips for when someone you love has wonky brain

Having someone you love battle with depression and/or anxiety (aka wonky brain around this blog) can be heart wrenching and heavy, especially if it's a particularly bad or long season of it. I imagine it can feel extra overwhelming if you've never dealt with wonky brain or if you've never dealt with it to the extent… Continue reading tips for when someone you love has wonky brain

Strategies for the Wonky Brain – Part. 2

A while back I wrote about some of the strategies I used when my wonky brain is acting up. If you're curious about what I mean when I say "wonky brain" or are interested in additional strategies organized in no way whatsoever, check out the post: Strategies for the Wonky Brain - Part 1 So without… Continue reading Strategies for the Wonky Brain – Part. 2

how you have changed me

when i knock on your mother's door and i hear you inside yelling my name in excitement, waiting for us to play the game over and over and over where you shake my hand, i say, "oh, hello! how are you?" and you giggle endlessly because the words are nonsense to you when you beamed… Continue reading how you have changed me

What love is and isn’t. Always.

"Love is patient, love is kind. ...It is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, not easily angered,.." Love is these things even when that person is part of a different political party than you, even when this person is a different race. Even when that person is a different religion--including… Continue reading What love is and isn’t. Always.

what i would say if i could come in for tea

I pull up to your house in the late afternoon. As you and your oldest daughter climb out of the car in your work uniforms, you smile and gesture toward your house like you do every time, "Alissa, shay?" I wish I could say yes, but unfortunately I have to go back to the office… Continue reading what i would say if i could come in for tea

Thoughts inspired by a car ride with African refugees

It's strange to me that, although I don't remember ever being under the impression that Africa was actually one country, there was a time in my life where I only had one mental image of an African, African culture, and African issues. As if the whole continent shared everything except their nationality. The other day,… Continue reading Thoughts inspired by a car ride with African refugees

back to the path

Jesus said to love your neighbor as yourself and that's not always going to be 100% comfortable, safe, easy, or risk-free. Actually, it rarely will be. Maybe that's why He said to count the cost before you decide to follow Him. *** Sometimes I get kind of tired and bored in my faith, to be… Continue reading back to the path

to my refugee family

My heart is so incredibly sad. I know the world is a terribly complicated, dangerous place. I know that answers aren't always black and white. I know. And honestly, I don't think I'm ready to try to articulate all my thoughts on the Syrian refugee issue itself just yet, mostly because I don't think I… Continue reading to my refugee family

love & fear

I'm surprised by the fear I'm finding I have when it comes to relationships. Not surprised that I have fear (I take medicine for anxiety, okay; fear isn't new to me), but surprised at what that fear has turned out to be. It's not the fear I was trained into having from the time I was… Continue reading love & fear