I wrote almost 2 months ago in a post called sad vaguely about entering "a season of existential/religious/spiritual searching," and that when I was ready to I would continue those thoughts. I'm kind of ready, but only ready enough to expand just a tiny bit further--but not much, so don't get your hopes up for… Continue reading tangled

one day i looked down and there were holes in my pocket of belief

The Spirit said to write down my questions and these come out: How do I know the Bible is reliable? What about the Gospels? How is it fair that people get sent to Hell for being cursed by something Adam and Eve did? Am I going to be isolated from everyone and everything not Christian… Continue reading one day i looked down and there were holes in my pocket of belief

16 hours ago

The last 16 hours have been surreal. I have never felt so resigned in my life. About a week ago I sat alone in a chapel on campus. Rather than try to describe it; I'll just provide what I journaled while there: How am I supposed to handle the fact that I just the last… Continue reading 16 hours ago