relationships & wonky brains

[You know I didn't proofread this. I know it's a reflection on me and that sucks but proofreading is boring and I'm not a professional blogger and you more or less can still get the point even with a typo or ten. When I read this again in thee days I'll be horrified at all… Continue reading relationships & wonky brains

The Mental Immune System | Part Two

A few weeks ago we started talking about the mental immune system. In part one, we got the boring elements out of the way (eating health food, exercising regularly, and sleeping enough). Today, I want to focus on: connection. I have found genuine connection to be vital for my mental health because it is grounding.… Continue reading The Mental Immune System | Part Two

love & fear

I'm surprised by the fear I'm finding I have when it comes to relationships. Not surprised that I have fear (I take medicine for anxiety, okay; fear isn't new to me), but surprised at what that fear has turned out to be. It's not the fear I was trained into having from the time I was… Continue reading love & fear

does anybody really see me?

  One of my favorite things is listening to people's stories and dreams and feelings. I like to see the picture of who they are become clearer and clearer. I like taking a road in their mind or heart that I've never been down before. There's so much to know and learn and figure out.… Continue reading does anybody really see me?